Jairam Ramesh taunts BJP, saying, Those who live in glass houses..?

Amidst the noise of lok sabha elections, congress national spokesperson and former Union minister jairam ramesh reached jodhpur on a one-day visit on friday (April 19). congress workers and officials welcomed him at jodhpur airport. On reaching the hotel, he spoke to the media and targeted the BJP-led central and state governments.

Senior congress leader jairam ramesh said that a film was released many years ago, and the same is going to happen after twenty years. He said that congress has brought 5 justices and 25 guarantees in its manifesto. BJP's job is to take votes from people by lying. jairam ramesh said that no work has been done in the last ten years, only guarantees have been distributed. The word guarantee was first given by the congress in karnataka and the same word has been adopted by the BJP. Taking a jibe at the BJP, jairam ramesh said, "BJP has taken the word guarantee and has not done the work." They have started the system of giving donations and take the business.'' Accusing the Bharatiya Janata party, jairam ramesh said that the central government had guaranteed that everyone's income would increase and everyone would get a job. He asked the question where has the guarantee of the central government gone? The guarantee of the Modi government has now become a warranty. National spokesperson and former Union minister jairam ramesh said that those who live in glass houses should not throw stones at the houses of others.

What did jairam ramesh say on CPM's manifesto?

The manifesto of the Communist party included in the indian alliance states that if their government is formed, they will destroy nuclear weapons and fully implement Article 370. Regarding this, jairam ramesh said that this is his thinking, not the thinking of our party. He said that it has been 50 years since the country became a nuclear power. This happened during the tenure of indira gandhi on 18 May 1974. This is our party which made the country a nuclear power nation.

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