'BJP's puppets are claiming more than Rs 400'…

Regarding BJP's claim of victory in the lok sabha elections, jairam ramesh said that there are many puppets of prime minister Narendra Modi. Which they say will bring more than 400 seats. There are many leaders like Jyoti Mirdha, and Anant Hegde, who are claiming that there will be more than 400 seats. He said that puppets are speaking, hence slogans of more than 400 are being raised.

'India coalition will form government'

Jairam Ramesh claimed that the country's democracy is in danger, everyone knows that they are misusing ED, CBI, and Income Tax. He said that this time he does not make any claim on the seats, but india will form a coalition government. The public has come to know; they just make promises and do not work. Jairam said that he is confident that india coalition government will be formed. congress will also reach double digits. Took five years to implement caa because they wanted to get votes from the public.

'Pran Pratistha was a political program of the BJP'

Congress national spokesperson and former Union minister jairam ramesh said that they are seeking votes in the name of Ram. ram belongs to everyone, my name is Jairam Ramesh. If my name is ram, then how can they have Ram? He said that as far as going to the consecration ceremony of ram temple was concerned, it was his political program so he did not go.

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