'One threatened and other...', verbal spat increased between JMM-BJP…

As the heat of weather and elections is increasing in Jharkhand, the verbal spats between candidates and rivals are also increasing. The latest case is related to the Dumka parliamentary constituency, where JMM candidate Nalin Soren and bjp candidate Sita Soren are making verbal attacks on each other. The beginning was made by JMM candidate Nalin Soren. He warned Sita Soren that if she continued to speak against JMM and hemant Soren, she could be treated the same way as was done to bjp candidate Geeta Koda in Singhbhum.

Recently, JMM supporters had surrounded Geeta Koda in a village and assaulted her. Geeta Koda was held hostage there for about one and a half hours. During this time, his PA and some supporters were also beaten up. bjp candidate Sita Soren and party state president Babulal Marandi have expressed a strong reaction to this statement of Nalin Soren. Sita Soren has termed it as giddharbhaki.

Go out of the house, you will know the anger

He wrote on social media platforms If you have made noises, your arms, and sticks do not have enough power to stop me from meeting the public, speaking the truth, and communicating." Sita Soren has described the incident with Geeta Koda as a cowardly attack by JMM workers. He has said, "You should stop boasting about this misdeed. Otherwise, the people of the state will face the same fate of leaders like JMM and you that the same dreams will come to haunt you every day, even while sleeping."

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