Zeenat Aman given the advice to stay in a 'life in' relationship…

Veteran actor mukesh khanna remains in the news every day for his statements. Recently, he had slammed the actor on the news of ranveer singh becoming Shaktiman. Now he has targeted veteran actress Zeenat Aman. Recently, the actress shared a post saying that a live-in relationship is right, for which she is continuously in the headlines.

Zeenat's support for a live-in relationship

While sharing a post on her instagram account, the actress said that 'before taking a big step like marriage, any couple should be in a live-in relationship.' Fans strongly supported her on this post but some old stars did not like her statement at all. mumtaz and saira banu have criticized this statement of Zeenat. Now mukesh khanna has also expressed his displeasure over this statement of the actress.

Mukesh Khanna angry over Zeenat Aman's live-in relationship

Shaktimaan fame actor, who openly expresses his views on every issue of the country, has expressed objection to live-in relationships. While talking to Dainik Jagran, the actor said that it is the culture of our country. There is no recognition for these things. This comes from Western culture. Zeenat Aman, who is saying all this, has been following Western culture since the beginning.

Said-should speak thoughtfully

Mukesh Khanna further says that what Zeenat has said about the live-in relationship is that through this the boy and girl get to know each other. Hey sir, there is no question of recognizing each other here. Just imagine, if a boy and a girl live in a live-in relationship with each other like husband and wife before marriage and they do not get along well, then imagine what will happen to both of them. Those who are saying such things should speak thoughtfully.

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