With the publication of the election notification in Andhra Pradesh, the process of nominations has started. Especially, although the list of candidates contesting on behalf of the tdp alliance has already been announced, tdp chief chandrababu naidu has decided to change the candidates by giving a twist in four constituencies at the last minute. This decision has come as a huge shock for the candidates who had already received the ticket.

In Sri Sathya Sai district's Madakasira reserved constituency, the current candidate Anil Kumar has been replaced from the sc division by state president M.S. Raju. Initially, it was thought to give the ticket to Raju, but it was allotted to Anil Kumar. However, as former MLC Tippeswamy's faction opposed Anil's candidature, M.S. Raju was finalized.

Chandrababu has also decided to change the tdp candidate for Madugula in the Anacapalli district. Earlier, nri Prasad Rao was given a ticket. Now, Raghurama will contest as a tdp candidate from the Undi assembly seat. Initially, Raghurama thought that he would get a seat as a bjp candidate from Narsapuram, but Raghurama expressed his anger that he did not get a seat due to a lack of membership in that party. 

The ticket was allocated to Verma. raghuram made intense efforts for that position, and the party also gave a BForm to bjp candidate Srinivasa Verma. Consequently, Chandrababu decided to retain Raghurama and contest from the assembly constituency. According to the latest information received on monday morning at 11:00, Raghuramakrishna Raju announced that the nomination will be made on the 30th.

It seems that the ticket has been given to Giddi Eshwari on behalf of tdp from the paderu constituency. Soon, tdp chief Chandrababu will also hand over B-forms to the candidates. This development before the nominations has now become a hot topic.

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