Revanth reddy has brought back the old charisma from the stage when the congress party disappeared in telangana since he took over as the working president of the party. It should be noted that he played a key role in bringing congress to power in a very short period. But revanth, who surprised the congress leadership by winning the last assembly elections, now wants to demonstrate his power in the parliamentary elections as well. 

Special focus has been given to each constituency. In this regard, revanth aims to give a special gift to the congress leadership after winning the majority of seats. All the key leaders of the party are moving forward. However, victory in one constituency has become more prestigious for revanth - that is malkajgiri, Revanth's current seat.

If congress does not win here this time, there is a possibility that revanth will suffer some damage. Despite being the chief minister now, if he does not retain the sitting position, it is sure to damage Revanth's image, analysts predict. Strong candidates like Lakshmareddy from Etela BRS from bjp are contesting. Sunita Mahender reddy of Patnam is contesting from Congress. However, the BRS party also won seven assembly seats in this lok sabha constituency. 

As a result, congress has lost its power here. On the other hand, the bjp is also making strong efforts to win Malkajgiri. Knowing this, revanth is busy implementing strategies aimed at winning malkajgiri instead of damaging his image. But the presence of congress in power is a plus point for the party. Ultimately, voters will decide the outcome.

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