Nara Brahmanara ni's attack on Jagan's government..!?

- People's lives are ruined by the three-piece game.
The state has been turned into a drug and ganja capital.
- nara brahmani in mangalagiri election campaign.

Mrs. nara brahmani stated that the people will get good governance only if there is a competent ruler, those who have been ruling the state for the past five years have destroyed the lives of the people with a three-piece coup. As part of the election campaign, brahmani met the women laborers working in mangalagiri and learned about their pros and cons. brahmani said on this occasion, chandrababu naidu was a visionary who transformed Hyderabad, which was once full of stones, into a cosmopolitan city by building a hi-tech city. Chandrababu, who always aspires to the welfare of the people, has been illegally imprisoned for 53 days on false charges, and the people will be taught a lesson in the upcoming elections for factional politics.
Attacks on women have increased in the state and they live in fear of lack of security. Poor families are being ruined by liquor. The once prosperous state has been turned into a drug and ganja capital. After Chandrababu becomes CM, he will put an iron foot on drugs. people have been burdened with hugely increased prices of essential commodities, house taxes, and electricity bills. With the destruction of amaravati, the people here have lost their jobs and employment opportunities. The incomes of the poor and middle class have fallen. She said that with the blessings of all, Chandrababu will take up the construction of the capital and bring its past glory to the amaravati region after becoming the CM.
Industries will be brought to the state and job opportunities will be provided to the youth. If the people of the state are patient for two months, the people's government will come to power and the hardships of all the people will end. nara lokesh has established a Weaver's Hall in an agreement with Taneria to help the handloom weavers who are in trouble in the mangalagiri constituency. Along with advanced looms and designs, they are working to increase the income of artisans by providing marketing facilities. This is just a small part of the good work done by Nara Lokesh. nara brahmani said that mangalagiri Assembly Constituency will become No.1 in the country if Lokesh's vision is implemented.

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