Uttar Pradesh: Voting percentage fell 3 times…

There was a decline in the voting percentage in the 1999 lok sabha elections in Uttar Pradesh. In comparison to 1998, voters cast 1.2 percent less votes in 1999. bjp benefited from this and the party managed to win 82 out of 85 seats. At that time uttarakhand was also a part of UP. In 2004, the total voting in UP decreased by 5 percent. This time only 48 percent of the total votes were cast in the state. This caused a direct loss to the BJP. The party's seats reached 11. SP and BSP have tremendous benefits. In 2009 too, there was a decline in the vote percentage in Uttar Pradesh. This time 0.38 percent fewer votes were cast.

The decline in votes had a direct impact on SP seats. congress benefited from falling vote percentage and the party won 21 seats. bjp alliance gained 15 seats. The vote percentage increased in UP in 2014 and 2019. In 2014, 10 percent more voting took place in the country's largest state than in 2009. With this, BJP's seats reached 73.

This time, out of the 8 seats on which voting took place, 6 are Jat-Muslim dominated. Nagina's seat is dominated by Dalits and Pilibhit is dominated by OBC castes.

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