How much loss does india suffer due to the fight?

The dispute between israel and iran is increasing. After Iran's attacks, israel has also retaliated. It is being claimed that israel has carried out this attack with cruise and ballistic missiles on cities having nuclear sites in Iran. Both israel and iran are considered friends of India. In such a situation, the question arises how much loss can india suffer due to a fight between two friends? Can this tension affect the indian economy?

According to reports, trade between india and israel has doubled in the last five years. It will reach $10.77 billion in 2022-23. india especially buys defense technology, advanced agriculture technology, and other cutting-edge products from Israel. Due to this trade, strong political and strategic relations have been formed between the two countries. On the other hand, India's trade with iran has decreased. Due to continuous US sanctions on iran, trade has become difficult, making it difficult for india to buy Iranian oil. iran was once a major supplier of crude oil to India.

What is a matter of concern for India?

The increasing tension in the Middle east is a big challenge for India. This may increase tension not only in the Middle east but at the global level. The increase in tension may hurt global markets as well as local traders. india needs to maintain balance in its relations with iran and Israel. This is why india has also tried to reduce tension through its diplomatic efforts. Instability in both countries could lead to an increase in oil prices, disruption in trade, and cascading effects on the indian economy. To protect its interests, india will have to proceed with utmost caution in this volatile region.

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