Uniform Civil Code is among BJP's 'core issues'…

Voting for the first phase of the Kasabha elections took place yesterday i.e. on 19th April. However, the low percentage of voting has raised eyebrows among all the parties. Meanwhile, once again the issue of the Uniform Civil Code i.e. UCC has become heated. Union home minister amit shah said in a conversation that UCC is the first identity of any democratic country and india will not run on Sharia or personal law. While opponents consider this to be the result of the BJP's efforts to polarize, bjp leaders say that they are talking about their core agenda and have not deviated from it.

BJP's core issue is UCC

Bharatiya Janata party has taken action on its core issues in two terms. First, the ram temple was built. Article 370, which was supposed to give special provisions to Kashmir, has in a way been resolved as per its promise. Now only one issue is left among its core issues, the Uniform Civil Code i.e. UCC. On that main issue, the bjp will have to explain to its cadre voters. There is an election in between. In that, he will have to give a message to his voters as to what he is going to do in the future. If she gets a third term, which is highly likely, she will resolve this issue as well. This is not just an election gimmick, but amit Shah's statement is a way to take the ideology of the bjp among the voters and assure the voters that they should give the bjp a third chance and that the bjp will solve this too. If he doesn't say this during the election campaign, then when will he say it? We have seen in the past that when Atal Ji was in power when he was running a coalition government, all these three issues were kept aside because there was a compulsion of the coalition.

However, the cadre voters of bjp always wanted - right from the time of Jan Sangh - that these main issues should be brought into the mainstream, discussed, and completed. Now, since the voters have remained steadfast since the last two elections, bjp has got the absolute majority on its own, so that the saturation point does not come, as per a political party, the bharatiya janata party has concentrated its core vote bank on its core issues.

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