Voting for four seats in bihar shows the apathy of the voters...

The first phase of lok sabha voting took place across the country yesterday i.e. on 19th April. In this, the decision of voters on four seats of bihar has also been locked in EVMs. The voting percentage in Aurangabad, Nawada, Jamui, and Gaya has been very low and this has raised eyebrows of all the political parties. While the voting percentage on these seats in 2019 was an average of 53.47 percent in the last election, this time according to the final figures of the election commission it is only around 50 percent.

Voters are indifferent

Heat is not the only reason behind low voting percentage in Bihar. It was not that people did not work or did not go out yesterday. So, low voting simply means that voters are less inclined towards voting. The reason for this low voting should be considered to be the disappointment and apathy among the voters. If we look at the voting of these seats in 2019, then the average voting on these four seats was 53.47 percent.

This time the average voting of these four seats is a little more than 48 percent, which means there has been a decline of five percent in the voting this time. Now in such a situation, it can be a matter of relief for the ruling party or the MPs who have won from here that a decrease in voting by five percent is not a matter of great danger for them, but if even one or two percent voters swing. If we do this, if we change sides, the situation will be very bad. So, now till june 4, the candidates here will be in a lot of trouble. There are six booths in these areas where voters had completely boycotted voting. So, the external or parachute landing of candidates has also had an impact.

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