JP Nadda Mocks rahul Gandhi's Claim…

Responding to rahul Gandhi's assertion that the bjp would not surpass 150 lok sabha seats, Nadda disparaged the congress leader, stating, “Who takes rahul seriously? It doesn’t seem that he thinks before speaking, his track record doesn’t reflect that. He repeats what he is told. The same rahul gandhi was claiming that congress would repeat its government in rajasthan and Chhattisgarh, also claimed victory in Madhya Pradesh.”

He was asked about the bjp candidates like Anant Hegde and Jyoti Mirda promising changes in the Constitution after the party’s majority. Nadda responded by saying that the party is committed to the Constitution, “PM Modi has said not only him but even Dr Ambedkar cannot change the Constitution (if he were alive)… I have spoken to them (candidates) personally. During speeches, they sometimes cross the line in zest, but PM Modi and I as bjp President have said that we do not intend to change the Constitution.” “Whoever has said so I have ensured that I speak to them and ask them to stop,” he added.

Regarding reservations, Nadda dismissed allegations of the party's intent to abolish them, labeling it a "vicious design" to defame the BJP. “There is an attempt to attempt bjp as anti-Dalit and anti-Tribal by divisive forces,” he commented. Nadda slammed the congress lok sabha poll promises saying the grand old party was “frustrated” and using all tricks possible to gain power. He accused the congress of prioritizing power over national welfare, contrasting their promises of freebies with the BJP's focus on empowerment. “Their criteria is not country’s welfare but what can help them gain power…They talk about freebies while we promise empowerment,” he added.

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