Sunita kejriwal Jabs bjp At Oppn Rally…

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal's wife Sunita kejriwal on sunday said that the bjp government wants to kill her husband and alleged that the aam aadmi party chief is not getting insulin in jail. "BJP govt wants to kill my husband Arvind Kejriwal; he is not getting insulin in jail," Sunita kejriwal said during the I.N.D.I.A bloc rally in Ranchi. Sunita also said that the bjp government has put arvind kejriwal and hemant Soren without proving them guilty.

"They've put arvind kejriwal and hemant Soren in jail. They've put them in jail without them being proven guilty. This is a dictatorship. What is the fault of my husband? Is it providing good education and health facilities? Patriotism is in his blood. He is an IITan, he could've gone abroad, but he prioritizes patriotism. As IRS, he took leaves to do public service. He has put his life at stake for people," she said.

The tihar jail administration on saturday said that kejriwal stopped taking insulin months before his arrest and is on a basic anti-diabetes oral medicine. The report, submitted by the Tihar director general to Lt governor VK Saxena, said that the chief minister's health was reviewed on april 10 and april 15 by a medicine specialist who advised oral anti-diabetic drugs and it is incorrect to state that kejriwal was denied insulin at any point of time during his treatment. Meanwhile, several opposition leaders have also raised their voices in support of Kejriwal.

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