On the one hand, nominations are running, on the other hand, the alliance is busy with seat distribution. Even though the alliance has already reached a clarity in the matter of many seats, there is still confusion in the case of Vanaparthi seat. The Vanaparthi seat was allotted to the bjp after telugu Desam, janasena and bjp formed an alliance. With that, the bjp leadership gave this seat to Sivaramakrishna Raju. He also started campaigns in that area.

But after that the scene was reversed. Nallamilli Ramrikrishna reddy, who is the tdp candidate of this region, tried hard for the seat. Purandareshwari, who has finally become the state president of the bjp, has been trying for a few days to get rid of shiva Rama krishnam raju and give the seat to Nallamilli Ramrikrishna reddy in this region.

It seems that recently she had many discussions with ramakrishna REDDY' target='_blank' title='ramakrishna reddy-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>ramakrishna reddy and made him withdraw from the competition. With that, it is reported that the bjp leadership is inducting shiva Rama krishnam raju into the bjp and contesting him from Vanaparthi. If not, first Shiv Rama krishnam raju said that he will contest only from telugu Desam and not from BJP.

However, since the distribution of seats has already been completed, chandrababu naidu also told him to contest from the bjp as part of the alliance, so it seems that he is okay. If not, there are reports that he intends to contest the elections as a coalition candidate and not as a bjp candidate. However, on the one hand, when the nominations are underway, the alliance is in a tussle over the distribution of seats. Even if the alliance gets mileage initially, its mileage is decreasing since the seat distribution starts.

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