Big shock to Uddhav! Do senior leaders leave Shiv Sena? 

The first phase of voting has been completed on five lok sabha seats in Maharashtra, but now before the second phase of voting, there may be a big tension for uddhav Thackeray. There is talk in political circles that Milind Narvekar, close to uddhav thackeray, may leave shiv sena and UBT. Milind Narvekar is the Secretary of shiv sena UBT and was also the personal assistant of uddhav thackeray during his tenure as Chief Minister. Now he has received an offer from nda to contest elections.

It is being told that Milind Narvekar has been offered by nda to contest elections from the South mumbai seat of Mumbai. shiv sena UBT leader Arvind Sawant is in the election fray from South Mumbai. At the same time, chief minister Eknash Shinde's party has got this seat under NDA. Apart from this, BJP's assembly Speaker rahul Narvekar, minister Mangalprabhat Lodha, and Shiv Sena's Yashwant Jadhav are keen to contest the lok sabha elections.

Milind Narvekar always stood with the thackeray family

Let us tell you, that Milind Narvekar has been working for shiv sena from balasaheb thackeray to uddhav Thackeray. His identity became the 'Hanuman of thackeray family'. It is said that whenever shiv sena faced a crisis, Narvekar played an important role and fully supported the party. If Milind Narvekar leaves shiv sena UBT then uddhav thackeray may face a big blow before the elections. Milind Narvekar is a senior leader of UBT and knows many things about the party. In such a situation, his joining nda can create problems for uddhav Thackeray.

Who is Milind Narvekar?

56-year-old Milind Narvekar was earlier a personal aide of uddhav Thackeray. In the year 2018, he was declared the secretary of Shiv Sena. Since 1994, Narvekar had a big responsibility in the party. Contact between the party workers and the leadership who wanted to talk to thackeray could be made only through him.

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