Voting in Bharatpur lok sabha seat decreased..?

Voting for the first phase of the lok sabha elections ended on 19 April. A decline in voting percentage was recorded in the Bharatpur lok sabha seat. There was about 6 percent less voting compared to 2019. There was less voting in urban areas than in rural areas. Bharatpur lok sabha seat is reserved for Scheduled Caste. In the year 2019, 58.86 percent of voting took place in the Bharatpur lok sabha seat. The total percentage of voting in the 2024 lok sabha elections was 52.69. Reservation of the Bharatpur seat is also considered to be the reason for low inclination towards voting among the voters. Therefore, a lack of enthusiasm is seen among voters of other castes.

Know the reason for low voting in Bharatpur seat

In the rajasthan Assembly elections of the year 2023, about 71.78 percent of voting took place on 7 seats of Bharatpur district. In the 2024 lok sabha elections, 52.52 percent of voting was recorded in the Bharatpur lok sabha seat. Many reasons are believed to be behind the low turnout. Due to the wedding season, summer, and caste equation, people's interest has decreased.

More men voted than women

Compared to the 2019 lok sabha elections, this time both male and female voters lagged in the Bharatpur seat. Compared to the year 2019, 5.9 percent of male voters and 6.13 percent of female voters voted less. In the voting held on april 19 in Bharatpur lok sabha seat, men were ahead of women. The percentage of men who voted was 54.20 percent and 51.21 percent of women voters took part in voting.

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