Ashok Gehlot reminded PM Modi of his election promises…

Former chief minister ashok gehlot has given all his strength to make his son win from Jalore Sirohi lok sabha seat. Today on Sunday, he addressed public meetings in Chitalwana and Sarnau of Sanchore district. In the speech, ashok gehlot first thanked the common people for their presence in large numbers despite it being a quarter of the weddings. Along with highlighting the schemes of the congress government, he also fiercely targeted the BJP.

The former chief minister used all his strength for his son

Ashok Gehlot said who are the people of bjp who give the certificate of Sanatan Dharma, do they only have the right on Ram. We too are Sanatani. He appealed that people of 36 communities, all castes, religions, and classes should take a pledge that they will save democracy and make Vaibhav Gehlot win with record votes. He described the congress government as farmer-friendly. While praising the congress government, ashok gehlot said that a law was made to protect the land of farmers from being confiscated. Loans of farmers were also waived off. Started giving double bonuses to cattle farmers. He took credit for serving the mother cow.

Ashok Gehlot said that a grant of Rs 3000 crore was given to cow shelters. He described the manifestos of both congress and Vaibhav Gehlot as very excellent. He said that Congress' manifesto will provide the benefit of 5 justices and 25 guarantees, whereas Vaibhav Gehlot's manifesto will solve local issues like water, train, and air connectivity. ashok gehlot cornered the central government on closing the accounts of Congress. He said that UNO also criticized.

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