BJP-Congress stalwarts failed to woo supporters…

Everyone is worried about the decline in voting in 12 lok sabha seats in rajasthan for the first phase. There are dozens of assembly seats here, where veteran leaders contest elections, whose supporters used to exert full force at the booth. But, this time after the assembly elections, many of those stalwarts have changed parties. His supporters thought that after changing the party, he would get the ticket, but it did not happen, hence now there is disappointment among his supporters.

Voting decreased in both the lok sabha seats of Jaipur. Many of these veterans have moved from here to there. Rajendra Yadav had lost the election from the Kotputli assembly seat by less than one thousand votes. His supporters expected that he would contest the lok sabha elections from jaipur Rural, but this did not happen. When former congress MP Lalchand Kataria did not contest the assembly elections from Jhotwara, there was hope among his supporters that he would contest the lok sabha elections. But both these leaders left congress and joined the BJP.

These veterans did not get tickets

The day when stalwarts like Lalchand Kataria, Rajendra Yadav, Alok Beniwal, Richpal Mirdha, and Vijaypal Mirdha were switching from congress to BJP. That day his supporters said that they would accept whatever their leader said. However, supporters of Lalchand Kataria were hopeful that he would be fielded on bjp ticket from the jaipur Rural lok sabha constituency. Richpal's supporters were also in a similar situation that their leader would get some big responsibility, but nothing like this happened. On the other hand, supporters who have been working for one party for years do not want to vote according to the leaders who have joined another party. That's why he was not seen voting with that much enthusiasm. He did not even make any separate efforts to conduct the voting. The leaders changed parties, but the hearts of the supporters did not change.

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