Kalpana Soren read hemant Soren's message in ranchi rally…

A gathering of leaders of india Alliance was held in Jharkhand's capital ranchi on sunday (April 21). Many big leaders of the alliance arrived to participate in the 'Ulgulan Nyaya' rally of india Block. Meanwhile, from the rally stage, Kalpana Soren, wife of former jharkhand cm hemant Soren, fiercely attacked the Center and BJP. While narrating the message of hemant Soren, he said that the states with non-BJP governments are being harassed. We did not get this country by begging. Countless martyrdoms have taken place to achieve the country.

Kalpana Soren, while reading hemant Soren's message, said, "Dreams were shown to the people of the country very cleverly and dust was thrown in their eyes. The youth, women, and tribals of the country were cheated. Work is being done to suppress the voice of the opposition. The democracy of this country is in danger today. If we demand our rights, we are put in jail.

Kalpana Soren read hemant Soren's message

While reading the message of former jharkhand cm hemant Soren at the 'Ulgulan Nyay' rally organized in ranchi, his wife Kalpana Soren said, "For the last 4 years, the opposition has conspired against me and has kept me in jail for about two and a half months on baseless allegations.". Similarly, delhi cm arvind kejriwal has also been kept in tihar jail along with his associates. Before the lok sabha elections, in a planned manner, opposition leaders are being put in jail on baseless allegations.

'Will not allow the Constitution to be destroyed'

Kalpana Soren, while reading the message of former cm hemant Soren, further said, 'Today, despite being in jail, I am happy that the fight that I am fighting is the same fight that different parties and revolutionary leaders of the country are also fighting to save democracy. Ulgulan itself means that the government of thugs will no longer run. Will not allow democracy to be looted. Will not allow the Constitution to be destroyed. Friends, the 2024 lok sabha elections are going on. On one side we are the people of india Alliance and on the other side, we are the group of capitalists and the nda government.

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