For the upcoming ap assembly elections, many leaders have not only filed nominations but also started campaigning for their victory. According to the latest affidavit submitted by ap cm, Jaganmohan Reddy's property has increased by 41% from 2019 to 2024. Let's know about them completely.

AP cm jagan is going to contest from pulivendula constituency which means kadapa district in andhra pradesh is named after YS family. As stated in the affidavit, cm Jagan's assets were Rs.397 crores in 2019 and it has increased to Rs.529.87 crores by 2024. In particular, jagan Mohan Reddy's wife YS Bharti Reddy's property has increased from Rs.124 crores to Rs.170 crores in five years. It has been informed in the affidavit that the property of their daughters is Rs. 779 crore rupees.

CM Jagan's assets are mostly in fixed deposits and insurances.. She recently informed that YS sharmila was also given a loan of 82 crores.

Assets (Fixed Deposits, Insurance, Cash, Loans)

1). YS Jagan-483,08,35,064
2). YS Bharti Reddy-119,38,07,193..

Property value of cm Jagan..483,08,35,064
Bharti Reddy's heirlooms worth five crores worth of jewellery..119,38,07,193 ..
Jagan and Bharti reddy together have Rs.602.46 crores. jagan also has a bullet proof Scorpio.

Fixed Assets (Agricultural Assets Commercial)

1). Jagan- Rs.46,78,89,930
2). Bharti- Rs.56,921,984
Together the two have Rs 103.71 crores.

When it comes to debt.
1). jagan Rs.1.10 crores
2). Bharti Rs.7.41 crores.

When it comes to criminal cases, there are 26 cases such as Money laundering, defamation, intimidation, election related cases etc.

According to the election affidavit, jagan informed his wife Bharti Reddy's two daughters YS Harshini reddy and YS varsha Reddy that they had investments in crores.

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