Opposition furious at PM Modi's statement...

Political parties are busy voting for the second phase of the lok sabha elections. Meanwhile, the round of allegations and counter-allegations continues. PM narendra modi fiercely attacked congress in Banswara, rajasthan on Sunday. PM Modi said that if congress comes to power at the Centre, it will take people's property and distribute it among Muslims. This urban Naxal thinking...my mothers and sisters, they will not let even your mangalsutra escape. I will go to this extent. Opposition leaders have hit back at PM Modi's statement.

PM Modi said, "How much jewelry the women have will be found out and your property will be distributed equally among all." During this time, the PM asked the women who came to the rally, "Does any government have the right to distribute your property to anyone?" He also said that those who have left congress say that 'Congress is no longer Congress'. It has now gone into the hands of urban Naxalites. The youth were played with during the congress rule.

Rahul gandhi hit back at PM Modi

In PM Modi's statement, rahul gandhi said that after the disappointment in the first phase of voting, the level of narendra Modi's lies has fallen so much that out of fear he now wants to divert the public from the issues. rahul wrote on social media, "The trends of immense support for Congress's 'Revolutionary Manifesto' have started coming. The country will now vote on its issues, and will vote for its employment, its family, and its future. india will wander." No."

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