They want to kill kejriwal in jail..., Sunita's allegation...

Sunita kejriwal, wife of delhi chief minister arvind kejriwal, has made a big allegation against the Modi government. Sunita said that my husband arvind kejriwal is not being given insulin in Tihar Jail. bjp wants to kill him. He said that the opposition alliance india Alliance will fight against the 'dictatorship' of bjp and win. Sunita kejriwal lashed out at bjp during india Block's 'Ulgulan Nyay' rally in Ranchi, Jharkhand. She said, 'They (BJP) want to kill my husband Arvind Kejriwal. In the jail, every bite of his food is being monitored by cameras. He has been refused insulin. My husband is a diabetic patient who has been on insulin for 12 years. He needs 50 units of insulin daily.

'The locks of the jail will be broken and hemant Soren will be released'

He said that Arvind Kejriwal's only crime was that he was doing social service. For this, he was put in jail. Till now no allegation has been proved against him. Sunita kejriwal that we will fight against dictatorship and win. The jail locks will be broken and arvind kejriwal and hemant Soren will be released.

Sunita said, 'Arvind kejriwal ji is very firm on his principles. When he became cm for the first time, he resigned within 49 days. Even a peon does not leave his job. But kejriwal has no attachment to power. He wants to make the country number-1. He believes that if educated people come to power in politics, the country will progress.

Kejriwal and hemant Soren are behind bars

Let us tell you that cm arvind kejriwal was arrested by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) on march 21 in a money laundering case related to Delhi's excise policy. Since then till now he has been lodged in Tihar Jail. This policy has been canceled. On the other hand, ED had also arrested jharkhand cm hemant Soren on january 31 in a money laundering case related to alleged land fraud. He is also still behind bars.

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