The general election rush continues across the country. The ruling bjp will make all-out efforts to come to power at the center once again.. Modi recently made sensational comments saying that if the congress party comes to power, all the wealth of the country will be distributed to Muslims. The party fully supports the minorities... 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has commented that he has targeted the properties of the majority Hindus. If you see such comments coming from his mouth in the election campaign meetings held by Modi in Rajasthan, which is held by the congress, it is clear that the comments are all strategic. The congress party comments that prime minister Modi is talking about the fact that the voting pattern in 13 states did not go as they expected.

In the first phase of the country, elections were held for 102 lok sabha seats in 21 states. The second phase of polling will be held on april 26. Compared to the first phase, the second phase and the third phase are very important for the BJP. In addition to consolidating their vote bank, they need to ensure that the opposition vote does not split. It is known that such comments must have come from the mouth of prime minister Modi. Looking at Modi's latest comments, it seems that he is under a bit of pressure. It is becoming difficult to achieve the 400 plus seats that he has targeted. Also, doubts are being expressed on the word that 370 seats are guaranteed, it is clear that Modi's heart has begun to growl.

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