Congress candidates could not gather proposers...

Congress Party's candidate from surat lok sabha seat, Nilesh Kumbhani, could not present even one of the three proposers in front of the election officer. After which the election officer canceled his nomination form. Amidst the lok sabha elections, a surprising incident came to light from Gujarat. Congress's surat lok sabha seat candidate Nilesh Kumbhani could not present even one of his three proposers before the election officer. After this, the election officer canceled the nomination form of Nilesh Kumbhani.

BJP's Dinesh Jodhani raised questions

We would like to let you know that BJP's Dinesh Jodhani had asked about the signatures of three proposers of congress candidate Nilesh Kumbhani in his form. On the cancellation of nomination forms, congress candidate Nilesh Kumbhani said, I had talked to the proposers in the morning, they had said that the collector would come to the office by 9 o'clock, we were hopeful that he would come but now everyone's phones are switched off.

He said that all the proponents are scared after the government's threat. congress leader and advocate Babu Mangukiya said that our three proponents have been kidnapped. The election commission should investigate this. He said that canceling the nomination form without telegraphing the signatures is wrong, we will talk to the high command and go to court against it.

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