Soni Razdan enters the live-in relationship debate...

These days, there is a lot of debate going on among bollywood celebs regarding live-in relationships. This debate started when zeenat aman advised youngsters to live before marriage. After this, many veteran actors and actresses gave their opinion regarding this. At the same time, famous actor mukesh khanna named Shaktiman also criticized actress Zeenat who was advocating live-in relationships. After all this, now actress soni razdan has also reacted and commented on mukesh Khanna's thinking.

Mukesh Khanna had said in an interview with Dainik Jagran that, "Live-in relationship is not recognized in our culture and history." This comes from Western culture. zeenat aman is speaking on this issue and she has lived her life according to Western culture since the beginning. This is not accepted in indian culture. Just imagine, if a boy and a girl live with each other like husband and wife before marriage and they do not get along with each other, then imagine what will happen to both of them. You should think before saying such things.

Live-in-relationship soni razdan said this

In this relationship war, alia Bhatt's mother soni razdan has reacted to Mukesh's opinion on her and has supported Zeenat. soni razdan wrote, "Oh God, I can't even imagine what would happen if a couple stays together in a live-in relationship and doesn't stay together." The mind gets confused.

Actresses mumtaz and saira banu have also given their opinion

Let us tell you that earlier mumtaz had also criticized zeenat aman and said that there should be no point in giving her relationship advice because her marriage was no less than hell. However, he later refused to make any such comment. At the same time, old time actress saira banu had also denied about live-in relationship and had said that it was unacceptable.

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