ED lied about insulin requirement, alleges Atishi...

Delhi cabinet minister Atishi monday alleged that the ED "lied" in court about consulting specialists from AIIMS over whether chief minister arvind kejriwal, a diabetic, needs insulin. kejriwal had on friday moved a fresh plea seeking consultation with his physician for 15 minutes every day and administration of insulin in jail. Addressing a press conference, Atishi said, "The ED lied in court and said specialists from AIIMS were consulted and they have said that no insulin is needed and have also formulated a diet chart for Kejriwal."

"However, the diet chart was not prepared by an endocrinologist or diabetologist, but by a dietician. We all know that dieticians are not MBBS doctors. Based on that diet cart, they have been saying in court that kejriwal does not need insulin," she said.

The Tihar administration had on saturday arranged a video conference of kejriwal with specialists from AIIMS, during which neither "the issue of insulin was raised by kejriwal, nor was it suggested by the doctors," prison authorities said.

"After a 40-minute detailed consultation, kejriwal was assured that there was no serious concern and was advised to continue with the prescribed medicines, which will be evaluated and reviewed regularly," a jail official said.

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