Chief minister jagan often stands by the weaker sections of the barangay. However, it was recently revealed that he has huge wealth. His declared fixed assets are Rs. 529.87 crores. Jagan's wife, YS Bharti reddy, and daughters YS Harshini reddy and YS varsha Reddy have a total family wealth of Rs. 757.65 crores. The lion's share of this wealth is linked to shares and investments in various companies.

 This financial information came to light when YS Manohar reddy filed a nomination for pulivendula Returning Officer on behalf of Jagan. The affidavit submitted along with these documents detailed the values of these properties. Looking back in 2019, the value of Jagan's assets is Rs. 375.20 crores. In five years, this figure increased to Rs. 529.87 crores, marking an increase of 41.2%. Similarly, in 2019, the total assets of Jagan's family were worth Rs. 510.38 crores. 

This figure rose to Rs. 757.65 crores in five years, an increase of 48.45%. It is noteworthy that the affidavit mentions that neither jagan nor his family members own a personal car. Only the bullet-proof Scorpio vehicle registered in Jagan's name was mentioned. However, it is stated that it is not personal property but a vehicle provided by the Ministry of home Affairs for security purposes.

When it comes to the YS family's corporate investments, jagan himself has invested in seven companies, his wife Bharti has invested in twenty-two companies, his daughter Harshini in seven companies, and his daughter varsha in nine companies. Collectively, their investments in these companies are worth Rs. 344.03 crores. In this, Jagan's share in equity is Rs. 263.64 crores. 

These financial revelations raise questions about the disparity between Jagan's public persona as a representative of the poor, and the reality of his family's considerable wealth.

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