I am asking for insulin: Kejriwal's letter from Tihar...

Arvind kejriwal has written a letter to tihar jail Superintendent. In the letter, cm said that I had read the statement of the Tihar administration in the newspaper. I am saddened to read the statement. Both the statements of Tihar are false. I am asking for insulin daily. I showed the glucose meter readings and said that the sugar was going very high 3 times a day. sugar goes between 250 to 320. AIIMS doctors never said that there was nothing to worry about. He will tell after looking at the data and history. Tihar administration is lying under political pressure.

Kejriwal said in the first statement of the Tihar administration

The first statement of the Atihar administration is that arvind kejriwal has never raised the issue of insulin. This is a complete lie. I have been continuously raising the issue of insulin for the last 10 days, raising it several times a day. Whenever a doctor came to see me, I told him that my sugar level was very high. I showed the readings of the glucometer and told that there are peaks 3 times a day and the sugar level goes between 250-320.

The second statement of the Tihar administration

I told them that the fasting sugar level is at 160-200 per day. I have asked for insulin daily. So how can you give this false statement that kejriwal never raised the issue of insulin? Another statement from the Tihar administration is that the AIIMS doctor has assured that there is nothing to worry about. This is also a complete lie. The AIIMS doctor did not give any such assurance. He asked for my sugar level and complete data related to my health and said that he would give his opinion after seeing and analyzing the data. I am very sorry that you have given false and incorrect statements under political pressure. I hope you will follow the law and the Constitution.

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