Election Commission's new preparation worried...

The voting percentage in the first phase of the lok sabha elections has now worried even the election Commission. According to the data received by the election commission, this time there has been a decline of about three percentage points in the total voting compared to 2019. Now ECI will work on its strategy in a new way for the remaining phases. According to the latest figures, so far 66% of voting has taken place in the first phase. This is still less than 69 percent in 2019.

I tried a lot but...

The election commission admits that they are very concerned about the low turnout. A senior official of the Commission said that there was enthusiasm among the people about the elections, but it was not enough to go to the polling booth and cast their vote. He said that the election commission made a lot of efforts to increase voting. Under the SVEEP program, a plan was made to increase voting, celebrities were made ambassadors of the election commission and people were motivated to vote, people were made aware to vote even during cricket matches and polling stations were set up. Also improved so that it is easier to vote. But it seems that these efforts were not enough.

So due to these reasons, voters did not come

Sources told our colleague TOI that the election commission is analyzing the reasons for the low turnout. The election commission official said the issue was discussed in the meetings held over the weekend and we will come out with more strategies by monday as part of the poll implementation program. According to sources, the possible reason for the low turnout could be heat as this time polling started eight days later than in 2019. Apathy and clash with festival and wedding season are also being considered factors with many voters considering the result a foregone conclusion.

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