RLD Chief Jayant told a different story on the opposition...

Voting for the first phase of lok sabha elections has been completed. But the bjp has not yet found the solution to the biggest problem facing it. We are talking about the opposition of Rajputs and Thakurs to BJP. The opposition to the bjp by Thakurs and Rajputs, which started from gujarat just before the lok sabha elections, reached Uttar Pradesh and created huge problems for the bjp politically. The situation was such that Rajputs and Thakurs openly boycotted the candidates of bharatiya janata party on many seats. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the opposition parties tried hard to get Thakur-Rajput votes in their favor. Its impact was visible in saharanpur and muzaffarnagar lok sabha seats. Meanwhile, now the statement of Rashtriya Lok Dal i.e. RLD Chief Jayant Chaudhary has also come out regarding Thakurs-Rajputs.

Jayant Chaudhary said this about Rajputs-Thakurs

On the opposition of Rajputs-Thakurs to bjp, Jayant Chaudhary said that this opposition is not at the grassroots level. Jayant said that some leaders have created such an environment. Some leaders demand something from the party for themselves. But the party cannot accept everyone's views. In such a situation, these people put pressure on the party during elections. This publicity has been done under the same policy. Jayant Chaudhary said that our party has always given leadership to the Thakurs-Rajputs in this area. Many leaders have been active since the time of Chaudhary charan singh and today hold important positions in our party. The same is the case with the BJP. Voters of the kshatriya community are traditionally associated with the BJP. There is no break in this.

Rajputs and Thakurs had put salt in the pot and sworn not to vote for BJP.

Let us tell you that during the lok sabha elections, people of the Thakur-Rajput community held panchayats against the bjp at various places. After pouring salt in the pot, he vowed not to vote for BJP. This whole controversy started in Gujarat.

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