Afzal Ansari - mentioning Kansa and Chanakya...

Afzal Ansari, Samajwadi party candidate from Ghazipur lok sabha seat, came out of his house and became politically active about 3 weeks after the death of his brother Mukhtar Ansari. Let us tell you that in the year 2019, afzal ansari won from Ghazipur on a BSP ticket. But this time afzal ansari is standing on an SP ticket. afzal ansari also visited the SP office of the district and met SP leaders and workers. Let us tell you that during this time afzal ansari spoke to the media and expressed his views openly on many issues including the death of his brother Mukhtar. During this time, afzal ansari attacked the bharatiya janata party a lot and once again accused Mukhtar of being poisoned in jail.

What did Afzal say now regarding the death of Mukhtar Ansari?

On the death of his brother Mukhtar Ansari, afzal ansari said that the people here are saddened by the incident that happened recently with our brother Mukhtar Ansari. The entire Purvanchal is saddened by the way Mukhtar Ansari was murdered by poisoning. Afzal said that whoever is involved in this will be investigated and everything will be exposed.

I have proof- Afzal Ansari

During this time, afzal ansari said regarding the death of his brother Mukhtar Ansari that he has evidence that his brother was killed as part of a conspiracy and he was poisoned in jail. Afzal said that the law will punish all of them. This entire matter will also be revealed.

‘After Atiq, it was asked that the next number is Mukhtar Ansari’

Talking to the media, afzal ansari said that he was in delhi when Atiq ahmed and his brother Ashraf were shot. The media asked me if Mukhtar Ansari was next. Then I said that this is a threat. Now the central and state governments have been exposed in this matter.


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