CM Champai made serious allegations against BJP…

Addressing a rally organized by the india Alliance, cm Champai Soren alleged that the double-engine government had rejected the ration cards of 11 lakh poor people of the state, on the contrary, hemant Soren allotted 20 lakh additional ration cards. He said that it is necessary to oust the bjp from central power. Champai Sore said that the public welfare work done by the JMM government has become a headache for the saffron party.

While making a verbal attack on the bjp, cm Champai Soren said that it is necessary to remove the bjp from power because they do not talk about rising inflation and unemployment. He said that if bjp comes to power again, it will continue to mislead people in the name of development.

28 parties participated in the rally

28 political parties included in the india Alliance participated in the Ulgulan rally organized in the capital Ranchi. Apart from jharkhand Chief minister Champai Soren, congress National President Mallikarju Kharge, delhi cm Arvind Kejriwal's wife Sunita kejriwal and former cm hemant Soren's wife Kalpana Soren also attended this meeting. The opposition alliance demonstrated strength by holding a rally under the name 'Ulgulan'. 'Ulgulan' means revolution. The great tribal leader Birsa Munda continuously fought against the british government for the rights of the tribals.

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