First statement of mukesh Dalal, who won unopposed...

Even before the lok sabha election results, bjp got a big victory in its stronghold gujarat on monday (April 22). bjp candidate mukesh Dalal has won unopposed from surat lok sabha seat. After this victory, mukesh Dalal took a dig at Congress. He said that in surat, congress councilors have become zero, MLAs have become zero and now even the candidates have become zero.

Mukesh Dalal said, "Today I have been declared elected unopposed. The first lotus has bloomed in gujarat and the country and I offer this lotus at the lotus feet of prime minister Narendra Modi. I am also thankful to PM Modi, amit shah, State Chief CR Patil and cm Bhupendra patel that they believed in me. Today's result is indicating that this is the first step towards the target of crossing 400 in the entire country. BJP-NDA will definitely achieve this goal. He said, "Congress's form was rejected. The remaining candidates supported narendra modi and returned their forms. bjp wants to create a congress free country. surat had started this long ago. Councilor zero, mla zero and now even the candidate zero. The one who talks about handling the country is not able to handle her own organization.

Nomination of congress candidate canceled

Earlier, the nomination form of congress candidate Nilesh Kumbhani from surat lok sabha seat was canceled. Apart from this, other candidates including BSP candidate Pyarelala Bharti also withdrew their candidature. In such a situation, mukesh Dalal has been elected unopposed. congress has complained about this to the election Commission.

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