Arvind kejriwal wrote a letter to tihar jail administration...

Delhi chief minister and aam aadmi party (AAP) national convenor arvind kejriwal has written a letter to the tihar jail administration saying that lies are being told about his health. cm said that I read the statement of the Tihar administration in the newspaper. I felt sad after reading the statement. I am asking for insulin daily. kejriwal said, "I showed the glucose meter reading and told that the sugar is going very high three times a day." sugar level ranges between 250 to 320. AIIMS doctors never said that there was nothing to worry about. Doctors of AIIMS said that they would tell after looking at the data and history. Tihar administration is lying under political pressure.

What did the jail administration say?

Earlier on sunday (March 21), tihar jail officials had claimed that the jail administration arranged a video conference of delhi chief minister arvind kejriwal with senior experts of AIIMS. During this period, neither kejriwal raised the issue of insulin, nor did the doctors suggest it. The official said arvind kejriwal was assured that there was no serious concern and he was advised to continue the prescribed medicines.

Aam Aadmi Party's allegation

Kejriwal has diabetes. You say that even after this they are not being provided with proper facilities. party spokesperson Saurabh Bhardwaj claimed that kejriwal, who is suffering from type-2 diabetes, is demanding to be given insulin and to be allowed to talk to his family doctor through video conference, but the jail administration is not accepting his request. arvind kejriwal filed a new petition on friday demanding consultation with his doctor for 15 minutes every day and giving insulin in jail.

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