Did ajit pawar convince you to go with BJP?

Did ajit pawar try to convince you to join the BJP? Answering this question, sharad pawar said, "A year ago everyone had come and requested us to join the government. They were saying that they are accusing us and that we can be put in jail if we come to power." So we won't have to go to jail."

Left the party because of fear?

Sharad Pawar was asked, did everyone leave you because of the fear of going to jail? Responding to this, Pawar said, "I cannot say everything. Those who have power have gone, but I cannot say anything specific."

This time sharad pawar said on crossing 400

Sharad Pawar said, "People are angry about BJP. It has to be seen what percentage of this anger comes in the votes. It also has to be seen how successful our opposition will be in bringing these angry people to the voting booth."

Is rahul gandhi a capable face in front of Modi?

Pawar said, "The way forward can be found by providing alternative leadership. people want change, hence people do not see any face. Today, whether someone has a face or not, if people want change, then no face is needed."

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