Aditya thackeray said - there will be a fight between...?

Uddhav thackeray had recently stated that devendra fadnavis had prepared aditya thackeray for the post of chief minister and had told me that he himself would go to Delhi. His statement has started a discussion in the political circles. Now the statement of his son aditya thackeray has also come out on this.

What did aditya thackeray say?

According to TOI, aditya thackeray seemed to be avoiding speaking too clearly on this issue. He emphasized how the bjp has made a political pact with Shiv Sena. aditya thackeray said the thing is that "There was a political agreement between bjp and shiv sena in 2019."

Aditya thackeray further said "BJP did not respect that agreement. In 2014, the bjp broke its alliance with shiv sena in October. Because there were reports that they would win on their own in the internal survey. That's why they remained in power for 25 years. wanted to break the alliance." aditya thackeray said, "This reflects BJP's policy of 'use and throw'. Talking about the post of chief minister, it is more important for us to have a Shiv Sainik Chief Minister."

Why did Eknath Shinde leave you?

Answering this question, aditya thackeray said, "Eknath Shinde's escape to gujarat was to avoid going to jail. Eknath Shinde left us because of BJP's 'Join or Jail' policy." aditya thackeray said that "to avoid going to jail, every mla of his group has joined BJP. We will investigate all the municipal contracts given in the current period after the return of the MVA government in the state. We will investigate all the cases of corruption." Allegations have been made, we have their evidence." aditya thackeray warned that "we will not spare anyone, not even the Municipal Corporation Commissioner."

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