What did bjp candidate om birla say?

BJP candidate om birla said that 'Congress talks about ending Sanatan. congress stands with those who insult Sanatan Dharma. Congresspeople even request 100 percent voting from a particular section in Ghantaghar. We urge the people of the entire Kota-Bundi to vote 100 percent. During the congress rule, the areas of bjp MLAs were discriminated against, but even then bjp workers served the public. Now there is a bjp government, the problems of all areas will be solved.

Meanwhile, deputy cm Diya Kumari said that prime minister Narendra Modi has worked on securing the country's borders, shaping the future of the youth and on the safety of women. The people of Kota are lucky to have a public representative like om birla, whose working style has been of service. Now we have to bring as many people as possible to the polling stations on 26th april and get them to vote in favor of BJP.

 During the conference, chief minister Bhajan Lal said that there is information about no development work in 21 colonies of Ladpura. congress did not want the work to be done here, so a stay was imposed there. We will provide all facilities including roads and water in all the colonies of the Ladpura area including these 21 colonies.

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