Rajendra Gudha's big allegation on congress in Jalore...

Rajendra Gudda of Lal Diary has been entered in support of the bjp on Jalore-Sirohi lok sabha seat of rajasthan for the lok sabha elections. Meanwhile, during the election campaign, Rajendra Gudha opened a front against former cm ashok Gehlot. Famous Lal Diary writer Rajendra Gudha reached Jalore on monday (April 22) to campaign in support of bjp candidate Lumbaram Chaudhary. Here he made many serious allegations against former chief minister ashok gehlot and the congress government.

During the campaign in Jalore, Rajendra Gudha told the media "I twice gave a majority to the minority government. I gave 6-6 MLAs and helped in forming and saving the government. I thought that if the government survives, it will be good for the people. But many cases were filed against me. When I raised the issue, I felt disappointed. 6-7 cases were filed against me."

"Interview list used to come from cm House"

Rajendra Gudha further said that "RPSC was ruined. The future of the youth was ruined. Papers were leaked in the previous congress government. The interview list used to come from CM's residence. List Those whose names were selected, the rest of the poor's children failed, even after working hard, PCC Chief Dotasara made RPSC a mess. Gudha said, "Gehlot was the cm of rajasthan for 15 years. What did he do for Jalore? Now I am remembering Jalore. Vaibhav was rejected in Jodhpur, as well as the public rejected it in the entire state. Gehlot was the biggest Vaibhav in Jodhpur. When he lost the lead, I knew ashok gehlot closely and in return, he sent the police to my bungalow. ashok Gehlot's job is to manage, do corruption, save his chair."

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