Can this tdp Hero write a hat trick victory..!?

- Rammohan Naidu is the icon of telugu youth, not just TDP.

- A leader who raises the issue of the state loudly in the Parliament.

- Tilak is a weak leader from YCP

Kinjarapu Rammohan Naidu is also contesting for the third time in a row from the srikakulam parliamentary seat in Ummadi srikakulam district. Even though he is recognized as a young leader, his programs, his voice in the parliament on people's problems, and being recognized as the best parliamentarian are things that come together for him. In 2014, he contested from the parliament seat for the first time and won. He secured a majority of 1.43 lakh votes in that election. And when it came to the 2019 elections, this majority fell to just 6 thousand. Increasing aggression of YCP. Padayatra effect etc. have worked well here. However, in the last five years, Rammohan Naidu has gained a good name. He continuously fought against the anti-people programs of the government. Similarly, questions were raised in the Parliament.

Now, when it comes to the current elections, Rammohan Naidu is in the ring for the third time as well. Will you score another hat trick? It will be revealed on june 4. And, if we look at the competition, it should be said that they are in a strong competition. If the people won him as the successor of Yerran Naidu in the first phase. Now, he is in the ring as a candidate of the alliance parties. On the other hand, Perada Tilak, who was defeated by Achchenna in the last election, is contesting from YCP.

However, Rammohan's skipper is slow on the hat-trick. They are roaming in the constituency incessantly. party leaders are being coordinated. Even the leaders of the alliance parties are keeping their mouths shut, so Rammohan's victory can be assured. The party leaders who are assessing the conditions of the constituency say that they have to work harder. Let's see what happens.

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