As part of the last assembly elections held in telangana, the congress party announced that after coming to power, it will waive off the loan of two lakhs to every farmer. It also said that we will waive the debt within a few days after coming to power. In the assembly elections held last year, the congress party won more seats than the government needed and established the government in the state. Amid many incidents, the congress leadership announced revanth reddy as the chief minister of Telangana.

The congress party has promised to waive the loan of two lakhs to every single telangana farmer within the first assembly meetings of the BRS, which has been the main opposition party in telangana since the congress came to power. So far there has been criticism that there is no word about that guarantee. With that, a few days ago, revanth reddy announced that he will definitely waive the loan of two lakhs to each farmer before august 15th.

And with that, the BRS ranks have not gone back to the promises given so far. Will he fulfill these..? All these were dismissed as platitudes to win the parliamentary elections. revanth gave a strong counter to these words.

Recently, revanth said in a meeting... Even if the sun rises here and there... Even if the earth and the sky turn upside down... Finally, even if kcr hangs himself in the farm house and dies, he announced that he will waive off the loan of two lakhs to all the farmers of telangana before august 15th. In the latest meeting, revanth gave a strong counter to the comments made by BRS party leaders about loan waiver. And we have to see how BRS leaders and activists will react to this.

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