In last year's assembly elections, the BRS party suffered an unexpected defeat. With that, kcr is trying his best to prove his mettle in the upcoming parliamentary elections in a few days. As part of that, he has already visited many places and criticized the congress party in his own way. If this is the case, kcr is ready to campaign more seriously in the background of the parliamentary elections to be held in a few days.

As part of that, he planned a bus trip. kcr will participate in this bus trip for 17 days without a single break. As part of that, road shows will be organized in many parts of the state. As part of this bus trip, not only road shows are organized but also part of this trip is to know the public issues and what losses are being caused to the people by the congress party.

It is known that kcr has also focused on what kind of solutions should be given to the people. This 17-day mega bus trip will start today from miryalaguda in nalgonda district. kcr will reach miryalaguda with a huge convoy of 100 vehicles from hyderabad at 1 pm today. This bus trip will start from miryalaguda at 5:30 PM.

  It seems that the leaders and activists have already made all arrangements for this. This 17-day bus trip will end on May 10 at Siddipet. BRS ranks feel that this huge bus trip by kcr will get overwhelming response from people.

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