All the political parties are conducting their surveys as soon as the elections have come. Based on those surveys, they give tickets to the candidates. Similarly, in Telangana too, candidates were allotted to kcr assembly segments based on surveys. In the end, it can be said that it fell like a tree. 

Recently, cm kcr said on a tv channel that BRS is going to win 8 to 12 lok sabha seats in telangana and also that jagan will win again in AP. Netizens are satirizing his words immensely on social media. Do you believe Chevireddy surveys? 

Even during the telangana elections, you called him to pragathi Bhavan and went to the polls according to his surveys. It was thought that 100 seats would be available but in the end, it was a bust. But they are with the same confidence in this parliament elections as well. But the situation in telangana is different. There is no chance of kcr winning the medak parliamentary seat, which is very important to him. It has turned into congress versus bjp in the state. 

The entire political elite around kcr became silent. Even the activists were confused as to which party to join. Apart from indoor meetings in the name of activists' meetings, it is not seen anywhere in public meetings. KCR is saying that he will win 8 to 12 seats when the conditions are like this. With this, many netizens will be shocked again if you bring up Chevireddy's reports again. If his reports were correct you would have won Telangana. 

Now you are saying that jagan will win, you have done so much that you could not win in Telangana, netizens are asking how jagan will win. But kcr has more desire to win Jagan. Because here Revanth is the cmthere Chandrababu is the CM but KCR's situation becomes dark. Both of them together will keep kcr from getting up anywhere. That is why kcr is hoping that jagan will win there. kcr knows how Jagan's condition is. But it is prophesied that jagan will win.

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