The political landscape in telangana is undergoing rapid changes, with the congress Party facing challenges in some constituencies despite initial confidence in winning them all. While Chevella and Malkajigiri see increased campaigning efforts from the congress, secunderabad presents a different picture. Doubts linger about whether secunderabad will witness a Surat-like scenario, where the bjp candidate secures a victory without an election.

Surat's unexpected outcome, where the bjp candidate was elected unanimously due to the rejection of congress nominations, has left many bewildered. There are speculations that a similar situation might unfold in secunderabad, hinting at a lack of competition for the bjp in the region. However, the congress campaign in secunderabad appears to be progressing smoothly, leveraging the party's current state power for potential success.

Danam Nagender, the congress candidate, seems to lack enthusiasm in his campaign, leading to doubts about his allegiance to the party. Meanwhile, BJP's kishan reddy and BRS's Thigala Padmarao Goud are actively engaging with voters, gaining traction with their campaigns. Despite this, there's talk that congress might replace Nagender with Bontu Rammohan's wife, signalling potential trouble for the party's chances in Secunderabad.

The situation in secunderabad reflects a nuanced political dynamic, where the BJP's aggressive campaigning contrasts with the perceived lacklustre effort from the congress candidate. The outcome remains uncertain, but the surat incident serves as a cautionary tale, prompting heightened attention to the unfolding developments in Secunderabad's political arena.

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