The situation you described seems quite complex and involves various layers of political dynamics and personal grievances. Let's break it down:

1. Protest by Koduru Lakshmi: She chose a drastic method to draw attention to what she perceives as injustice perpetrated by the YSRCP (Yuvajana Sramika Rythu congress Party) in Swarna Bharti nagar, allegedly involving the exploitation of young children for illegal activities like ganja cultivation. However, chopping off a finger is an extreme action and not typically considered an appropriate method of protest. While her intent might have been to draw attention to the issue, the method itself could be seen as self-harm and may not necessarily lead to the desired outcome.

Response of tdp Leader lokesh Sant Babai: The statement about him "coming down" after his finger is cut seems metaphorical, suggesting that he would face consequences or lose power. It's unclear whether this is meant to be taken literally or figuratively. Either way, it implies that there are repercussions for those involved in the alleged wrongdoing.

Support from tdp party Leaders: It's noteworthy that despite the extreme nature of the protest, Koduru lakshmi received strong support from tdp (Telugu Desam Party) leaders. This suggests that there is a significant level of dissatisfaction or disagreement with the ruling YSRCP's actions in Swarna Bharti nagar among opposition party members.

Allegations against Namala krishnamurthy and Kovvuru Lakshmi:The witness's account paints a picture of longstanding corruption and malpractice in Swarna Bharti nagar, allegedly involving the occupation of government land, forgery, and intimidation tactics. The involvement of individuals like Namala krishnamurthy and Kovvuru lakshmi suggests a pattern of exploitation and misuse of power.

Political Implications: The timing of Koduru Lakshmi's protest, coupled with the alleged assurance from the tdp regarding her grievances, indicates a political dimension to the situation. It suggests that political parties are leveraging issues like corruption and injustice for their own gain, potentially as a means to undermine their opponents or gain public support.

Overall, while the protest and the underlying issues it brings to light are significant, the extreme nature of the action and the murky political motivations involved raise questions about the effectiveness and ethicality of the methods employed by all parties involved.

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