Mettupalayam youth car rammed to death, two injured - Mysterious gangs rampage

One person was killed and two others were injured when the miscreants rammed their car into two-wheeler riders near Mettupalayam after a verbal dispute broke out between youths. A youth was killed by a car near Mettupalayam, two others were injured badly. Arul Pandi hails from kasthuri Palayam next to Periyanayakanpalayam in the coimbatore district. It is said that he, Arulkumar, and Vasanthakumar from the Periyanayakanpalayam area are friends. In this case, last night, Arul Pandi along with his friends Arul Kumar, Vasanthakumar, and others went from Periyanayakanpalayam to Kothagiri viewpoint near Mettupalayam in his two-wheeler. A youth was killed by a car near Mettupalayam, two others were injured badly. Then, there was a verbal dispute between Arul Pandi and his friends, who came there in a car. After this, Arul Pandi and his three friends returned to Mettupalayam from there. At that time, a wild elephant was standing across the road, so the three stopped the two-wheeler and stood there. At that time, it is said that the gang who had a dispute with them again saw Arul Pandi and his friends stopped the car, and engaged in an argument. Then the angry gang took the car as if leaving the place and came back and rammed the car on the three people who were standing on the two-wheeler and fled from there.

Arulpandi tragically died on the spot. Both Vasanth and Arul Kumar were seriously injured, passers-by rescued them and sent them to Mettupalayam government Hospital and informed the police.Based on the information, the Mettupalayam police rushed to recover the body of Arulpandi, the victim of the incident and sent it to the Mettupalayam government Hospital for field examination. Also, the Mettupalayam police, who have registered a case regarding the incident, have set up a special team and are looking for the gang that attacked Arulpandi and his friends. Also, was the incident due to a dispute at Kotagiri view Point? Or some other reason? Was it a premeditated murder? police are continuing to investigate

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