10 people were prevented from voting; The police department is busy with the people of Eknapuram who have gathered at the police station

While the protest against Parantur airport is going on, there is a stir as the police department has registered a case against the people of Egnapuram for preventing the villagers from voting in the last parliamentary elections.From the day the central and state governments announced that Chennai's second green airport would be set up in an area of 4,500 acres covering kanchipuram district, Parantur, and 12 villages, the villagers including Ekanapuram have been engaged in various stages of protests for 636 days.

While the first phase of voting for the 18th lok sabha election was held on the 19th, the villagers of Ekanapuram, a part of the Sriperumbudur parliamentary constituency, completely ignored the voting. As a result, only 12 votes were cast in that polling booth with 1375 votes. After that, the officials led by Sriperumbudur Vattakatshi Sundharamurthy urged the people to vote. This led to an argument between the villagers and the revenue department.

Subramanian from Ekanapuram village said that this prevented people from voting. Kathiresan. Ganapathi. Balaraman. Munusamy. Young man Gavaskar. Sudagar. Ombhagavati Vivekananda. A case has been registered against the ten persons and a summons has been issued to them to appear in person at Chungwarchatram police station today. The villagers, including the 10 people who have been charged, have now appeared at the Chungwarchatram police station, causing a commotion.

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