All the parties are moving forward to win in telangana LS polls and the situation is heating up. It should be said how ambitious the parties have already declared the victory in some parliamentary seats. But it must be said that all the parties are working hard for victory in KCR's home district medak, which is known as the stronghold of BRS. All the parties are not only announcing their candidates but also campaigning hard to impress the voters.

It is in this order that assurances are pouring in. However, all the candidates are still confused as to who is making such promises in the field of campaigning. Because medak is the bastion of the BRS party. But now all the key leaders from the Rose party are also worried due to some big promises. This created confusion in the party and on the other hand, congress who is currently in power in the state is trying to woo the voters with even more promises.

Amid such a situation, the major parties have started to worry about which party will win in the medak Parliament Constituency. Few of the candidates are worried as the election time approaches. On the other hand, the political equations keep changing from time to time which also confuses the voters. As there is a situation of not knowing which party leader will join which party, all the activists are also getting confused. Winning the medak parliamentary constituency has become a big challenge for the BRS, congress, and bjp parties.

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