Supreme court questions election commission in VVPAT case: Officers ordered to appear!

The supreme court has directed the election commission officials to appear this afternoon after raising a series of questions to the election commission in the VVPAT case. A case has been filed in the supreme court that the voter-verified paper audit trail (VVPAT - Voter-verified paper audit trail) should be counted 100 percent along with the votes recorded in the electronic voting machine. A supreme court bench of Justices sanjeev Khanna and Dibangar Dutta will issue an interim order today. Accordingly, during today's hearing, the supreme court rejected the request of the petitioners to disclose the details of the 'source code' of the voting machines. supreme court Judges have opined that disclosure of 'Source Code' details will lead to unnecessary complications. Also, the supreme court said that they have some doubts about the functioning of the VVPAT machine and said that they want to put some questions to the election commission regarding this issue. Accordingly, “Is the Micro Control Unit mounted on the Control Unit or is it mounted on the Vivipad? Is the embedded microcontrol unit programmed once? How many units are there to upload election symbols? Is the control unit itself sealed? Or is the VVpad kept separate and protected?” 4 questions were raised to the election Commission. Subsequently, the supreme court has also ordered that the election commission officials in the VVPAT case should appear today at 2 pm and explain the technical doubts that have arisen regarding the VVPAT machine.

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