Biryani on a plate with Ram's photo: A sensation in Delhi!

Biryani was served on a plate with Ram's photo on it causing a sensation in Delhi. The incident of serving biryani on a plate with Ram's photo on it has created a stir in Delhi. A biryani vendor in north Delhi's Jahangirpuri has been found serving biryani on disposable plates bearing a picture of Lord Rama. The issue came to media attention after local Hindu organizations found a photo of Lord Rama on plates kept at a biryani shop. When they inquired about this from the vendor, it was revealed that the disposable plates, after being thrown in the dustbin, were taken out again and served biryani to the people. The police have been informed about this. On the information, the police reached the spot and seized the plates with Rama's photo and are investigating the matter. Rama is a very emotional subject in India. A ram temple has been built in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh based on the supreme court ruling. The Kumbabhishek ceremony of this temple was held last January. A five-year-old statue of Lord Rama carved in black stone was inaugurated in the ceremony presided over by prime minister Modi. With the issue of ram temple playing an important role in the lok sabha elections, the issue of serving biryani on a plate with Ram's photo has created a stir.

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