Along with the cheating husband, she left her husband! For 

Two years ago, the police arrested the wife who left her husband with a counterfeiter.

Love Marriage

Srikanth hails from Kodungulam near Thiruvadan in Ramanathapuram district. A few years ago he fell in love with a girl named Aarti and got married. They have two sons. In this case, Arthi has become habituated with her husband's friend Ilayaraja. This habit eventually turned into an affair between the two. Often the two have been alone.

 Illegal love

After the matter was revealed to her husband srikanth, she reprimanded both of them. However, he did not take this seriously and continued to cheat. In this case, Arthi along with her lover planned to kill her husband.

Husband Murder

Accordingly, in the year 2021, ilayaraja took srikanth to the forest area near Devakottai, drinking wine, and talking in Chinese as if he were talking about peace. There he along with his friends cut him to death with a sickle and buried him there. Knowing that her husband is dead, Aarti has come crawling with Thali, Poo, and Pot so that no one suspects.

Wife Arrest

Arthi has been in drama for about two and a half years, telling listeners in the town that her husband was angry and went out of town due to family problems. Meanwhile, somehow the police came to know that srikanth had been killed. After this, the police interrogated Aarti and ilayaraja and confirmed the murder. In this case, the police arrested Arthi, ilayaraja, and one of his friends. police are actively searching for two people involved in the murder

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